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How to Choose a Motorcycle Transporter

Choosing the right motorcycle transporter comes down to choosing the company you’re most comfortable with. You should choose your motorcycle transporter based on their reputation, insurance, and experience. Only once you verify transporters credentials should you start to compare motorcycle Transport quotes and service levels. There are enough, experienced motorcycle transport companies available in South Africa that you should have no problem finding one that fits your needs.

1. What are your pickup and delivery procedures?

2. Do you have any specific policies or procedures I should be aware of?

3. What are your payment and deposit procedures?

 Your decision is based on the Transporters ability to accommodate your time schedule, type of service they offer, insurance, price and credibility.


How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Transport

Before your motorcycle movers arrive for pick up, you should prepare your motorcycle for transport. First, check your motorcycle for pre-existing damage. By documenting the condition of your bike, you can avoid problems in case of an insurance claim. To check for and record damage:

Unless you are moving your motorcycle as freight through a carrier, you will not need to drain your fuel tank or remove the battery. Your motorcycle does not need to be crated or packaged during the motorcycle transport service.

Remove all loose items from your motorcycle. Your motorcycle mover is not responsible for these items, and if accessories are lost or damaged they will not be covered by insurance.

Make sure your motorcycle is in good working condition. If it is not in working condition, detail this in your listing so that bidding transporters will be prepared. While it will be avoided at all costs, sometimes your transporter may need to drive your motorcycle into a motorcycle transport trailer. Fix all mechanical problems before the move and write down any special operating instructions. For successful motorcycle moving, make sure to:


How to Choose Insurance for Motorcycle Shipping

When shipping a motorcycle, it will not be covered by your personal policy. In order to protect against damage or loss, your motorcycle shipping company should offer a minimum amount of insurance. You can verify that the motorcycle shipping company offers this coverage by asking for a copy of their insurance certificate when they provide you with your motorcycle shipping quote.

Will the motorcycle shipping company’s coverage be enough?

Remember, this cargo protection insurance is required by law but will very likely not cover the full value of your motorcycle. To check if the motorcycle transporters minimum insurance is enough, be sure to ask the following questions:

If your motorcycle is especially valuable, you may want to purchase additional insurance coverage during transport. Most transport companies, will be able to provide this coverage or refer you to a third-party insurance company. Do not forget that even with insurance coverage, you will pay a deductible in the case of damage.

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